Welcome to the informational website for the proposed Aurora Academy Charter High School. On December 11, 2015, our applicant group will submit its Letter of Intent to SUNY Charter Schools Institute. Upon approval, the school would be located in the City of Buffalo and open Fall 2017.


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Mission Statement

The mission of the Aurora Academy Charter High School is to equip Buffalo high school students with the core knowledge, personal skills, and character assests necessary to succeed in life. Student directed pathways to graduation will prepare students for employment and college. Meaningful communmity and international experiences and exposure to wellness curriculum will support students in becoming balanced, reflective, global citizens, ready for civic engagement in Buffalo and beyond.

Targeted Population and Proposed Grades and Enrollment

Students identified in our mission include all students eligible to attend Buffalo Public High Schools, with particular emphasis on students experiencing a socia-economic disadvantage. Currently, 76% of the BPS students come from socia-economically disadvantaged backgrounds. We believe all students can learn with appropriate supports . We will recruit students through a planned media campaign with recruitment goals grounded in BPS decomgraphic data, including English Language Learners and Student with Disabilities.

Proposed Grades are 9 through 12, with full enrollment achieved by 2019.

Our first year will include grades 9 and 10 with a proposed enrollment of 125 students per grade.

Vision Statement

The Aurora Academy Charter School builds students’ capacity to actively embrace and pursue their individual paths to achieve success through exemplary teaching and learning. Daily practices are built according to a Finnish SISU student-centered model, which emphasizes holistic individual wellbeing and personal achievement.

SISU is human capital realized as determination and fortitude in the face of adversity. It is embedded in the Aurora Academy school operational culture and applied through the curriculum. This enables each student to reach their full potential as a member of the local and global community.


Our students are the future of our communities. A thriving community requires well-informed, value-driven citizen-graduates who are:

  1. Passionate: Think critically and communicate effectively about themselves, their community, and the world
  2. Determined: Gain the knowledge necessary to master the academic content and career skills necessary to graduate with a New York State Diploma ready for success in career
  3. Solution Focused: Possess the ability to take purposeful action in the face of adversity in order to overcome barriers to personal success with confidence and ethical discernment
  4. Well: Live balanced lives that model the eight dimensions of personal wellness and have the capacity to discern, seek support, and take action if they become unwell

Key Features of the School

We will Accomplish our Mission, Realize our Vision and Support our values by Building a school that:

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